It requires a blending of quality equipment and skilled specialists to detect hidden leaks. With our extensive training programs and state-of-the-art equipment we’ve saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. By using our systems, not only are we saving water, but saving homeowners millions of dollars in destruction and expensive property damage as well.

While it’s true that escapes are common in older properties, properties that are newer can have difficulties also. Poor construction and oftentimes, ground and corrosion movement can cause unexpected conduit damage at any time. The problem threatens property and makes repairs costly if undetected.




South Florida is a very transient area. Residential pool owners go and come. For that very reason, we offer post and pre pool inspections to ensure pool buyers and pool sellers are equally protected from the devastating effects of a swimming pool that leaks water.

We’ll make sure all the pool equipment is working correctly including:

  • Time clock, valves, pumps, motors, filters, skimmers, lights, heaters, etc.
  • We’ll make sure it’s working properly if there’s a spa
  • The electrical and the lights will be scrutinized thoroughly
  • Leak Detection and inspection
  • Selling your home? We offer weekly maintenance to keep your pool in pristine condition while it’s up for sale.


Are you looking for a qualified pool repair specialists in South Florida? Here at All-Brite Pools, we have been servicing the South Florida market for over 30 years & have seen our fair share of repairs for swimming pools. Sure, your pool will lose some water to evaporation, some to splash out and some to backwash waste water. But our rule of thumb is that if you’re routinely adding more than one inch of water to your pool weekly, you may have a leak in your swimming pool.

Pools are meant to be watertight, of course, but sealants will deteriorate, parts of your pool shift and settle or just plain wear out over time. Your pool could be leaking through the casing, accessories, pumps or the plumbing. It is important to repair pool leaks, not only to save water, and chemicals but to also prevent washing away fill dirt and undermining pool structural parts. If you believe you have a leak, contact us today so we can send our trained pool specialists to inspect it for you.



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